1. Jose threw a baseball from the top of the hill. The equation for the object's height "s" at time"t" seconds after launch is s(t) = -16t2 + 32t+24, where "s" is in feet. How long dose it talk the object to hit the ground to the nerest tenth of a second?
A. 2.6 seconds
B. 3 seconds
C. 1.6 seconds
D. 2 seconds

2. Margaret researched the ticket prices for several movie theaters. The prices she found were $2.00, $3.50, $5.00, $7.50, $9.50, and $1.00. what is the mean of these ticket prices?
A. $3.00
B. $4.25
C. $5.70
D. $4.75

3. The diagonal of a rectangle forms two congruent:
A. rectangles
B. scalene triangles
C. right triangles
D. equilateral triangles

4. Mai is monitoring the growth of a bacteria culture. Her culture had an initial populationof 20 bacteria. The population is tripling every hour. What is the population after 7 hours?
A. 140 bacteria
B. 43,740 bacteria
C. 14,580 bacteria
D. 420 bacteria

5. students is Ms. Fiedler's class measured their arm span and height. What are the values for Q1 and Q3 for the heights of the students?
A. Q1 = 162 and Q3 = 178
B. Q1 = 178 and Q3 = 184
C. Q1 = 162 and Q3 = 184
D. Q1 = 162 and Q3 = 192

6. the figure is a circle with center P and radius PT. What is the measure of < RTP?
B. 38°
C. 76°
D. 21°

7. Rosa began doing her math homework at 4:00pm. She completed her assignment at 5:30pm. If she completed 30 problems in that time, what is her average rate of change in problems pre half hour?
A. 3
B. 20
C. 10
D. 15

8. The scatter plot graphs the relationship between elevation and mean annual temperature in Nevada. Describe the trend in the data.
A. As the elevation increases, the temperature increases.
B. As the elevation decreases, the temperature decreases.
C. As the elevation increases, the temperature decreases.
D. As the elevation decreases, the temperature remains constant.

9. Find the area of the sector of a circle with central angle 45° and a radious of 10 inches. Write the answer in terms of π .
A. 5π/4
B. 450π
C. 100π
D. 50π/4

10. which of the graphs are not functions?
A. A, C and D
B. A, B and C
C. C and D
D. A and B

11. Which expression is equivalent to 2x - 7x (5x - 3)?
A. 35x2 + 23x
B. -35x2 + 23x
C. 35x2 - 23x
D. 35x2 - 23x

12. The ten ballots above were collected for the student council elections. Using the run-off method of voting, who won the election?
A. Ana
B. Ed
C. Jan
D. no one, two of them tied

13.If the radius of the large circle is 1 meter, find the area of the shaded region. Use 3.14 for π . round your answer to the nearest tenth.
A. 25.1 square meters
B. 6.28 square meters
C.28.3 square meters
D. 9.4 square meters

14. Solve the equation l x + 4 l = 10 for x. (no calculator)
A. x=6
B. x = -10
C. x = 6, -14
D. x = -6, 14

15. Lucia and tonya are 2 of 6 students giving a speech in class. The order of the speeches is determined at random. What is the probability that Lucia and Tonya are chosen ( in either order) as the last two giving their speeches? (no calculator)
B. 1/15
C. 1/6
D. 1/5

16. Marty has $100 to spend on clothes and decides to buy jens that are 422 a piece. Which equation represents the total amount of money he has remaining (T) after buying (n) pairs of jeans?
A. T = (100 -22)n
B. T = (100 + 22)n
C. T = 100 - 22n
D. T = 100 + 22n

17. Which equation is equivalent to 12x - 4y = 48?
A. y = -3x - 12
B. y = 3x - 12
C. y = -3x + 12
D. y = 3x + 12

18. Darlene is ordering a pizza. She has a choice of 4 toppings and there are 10 available. How many diffrent pizzas with 4 toppings can she order?
A. 210 pizzas
B. 40 pizzas
C. 80 pizzas
D. 240 pizzas

19. Polly nomial owns a business selling coffee. She invests $1000 in coffee. She sells columbian coffee (c) for $5.00 per box and kona coffee (k) for $8.00 per pound. Which inequality represents the number of boxes she needs to sell in order make a profit?
A. (5 + 8) (c + k) > 1000
B. (5 + 8) (5 + k) > 1000
C. 8c + 5k > 1000
D. 5c + 8k > 1000

20. Students were polled on whether or not they own an ipod. What is the probability that a male chosen at random owns a ipod? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. (no calculator)
A. .17
B. .21
C. .29
D. .3

21. The diagram above shows a hill that makes an angle of 43° with the ground. If the hill has an elevation of 500 feet, how far is it to walk to the top of the hill? Round your answer to the nearest foot.
A. 684 feet
B. 536 feet
C. 733 feet
D. 341 feet

22. Maya pays $30.00 per monthe for 500 minutes on her cell phone. She also pays $.10 per minute for any amount beyond 500 minutes. Her bill for this month is$ 55 excluding any taxes. If the equation for the monthly bill is ( B = bill, m = minutes)B = 30 + .10 (500 - m), how many minutes did she use for the month?
A. 500 minutes
B. 750 minnutes
C. 800 minutes
D. 700 minutes

23. Roger flips a coin 4 times. What is the probability that his result will be exactly 1 head and 3 tails?
A. 3/4
B. 1/4
C. 3/16
D. 1/2

24. Hassan placed a 28-foot ladder 5 feet from a wall. How far up the wall dose the ladder reach? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot

25. The height in feet of a person sliding down a hill is represented by h (t) = -0.025 t2 - .5 t + 50 where "t" is the time in seconds. To the nearest tenth of a second, how long does it take to slide to the bottom of the hill?
A. 54.6 seconds
B. 6.2 seconds
C. 55.8 seconds
D. 35.8 seconds

26. The prizes at a school carnival are randomly selected in sealed envelopes. The table below shows the prize amounts with the probability of winning each amount.
What is the expected value of the $100 prize?

27. What is the distance between (-1 , 3) and (5 , -3)? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.
A. 6
B. 4
C. 8.49
D. 7.21

28. What is the solution to the system of equations?
4x + 7y = -25
-12x - 7y = 19
A. (3/4 , -4)
B. (-3/4 , -4)
C. (3/4 , 4)
D. (-3/4 , 4)

29. Below is a set of data relating the avrage annual temperature of saint paul, MN compared to London, England. For the data:
A. Draw a scatter plot
B. Draw a line regression
C. Find the equation of the line using any method
C. Cescribe the correlation of the data

30. Ms. Vang's kindergarten class has 14 girls and 12 boys. she is randomly pairing her students. For her first pair, what is the probability that they are both boys of both girls?